Hi, my name is Tom, and I’m the author of Deep Brain Thoughts. I’m a 66-year-old former Software Engineer and computer geek, and have spent the majority of my life working in the computer programming field. Now retired, my wife and I live in the Midwest and enjoy the many seasons there. I still enjoy technology and discovering new things; I even do some programming on the side – but now on my own personal projects! We also own and enjoy my ‘baby‘– a 2012 Chevy Camaro, which we love driving in the summer months with the sunroof open!

I was diagnosed in 2014 with Parkinson’s Disease (PD), after experiencing symptoms 2 years prior to that. In March of 2017, I underwent Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) to help with my ever-increasing symptoms – especially the dystonia in the feet. This helped dramatically in reducing and even eliminating dystonia – until 2020 when it returned with even more force.  I then underwent DBS surgery again in April of 2021 to implant a third wire into the GPi portion of my brain with the hopes of reducing the returning dystonia.

Since being diagnosed, I’ve spent a lot of my time researching the disease and using that research to help me better understand what Parkinson’s is doing within my brain and body, and to do anything and everything possible to slow down the disease. I’ve also tried to use the knowledge I’ve gained to support others with this illness, and raise the profile of PD.

Hence, I started Deep Brain Thoughts, with a mission to give others an idea of what goes on in my mind, and to help and encourage anyone else on this same long, rocky journey.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts, and that this website will give you, my readers, some continuing information on PD that will assist you now and into the future. Thanks for visiting, and keep coming back for more!