Farewell…. and Welcome!

Hello to all my readers out there. I will explain about the title in a minute…  I realize that I have been very negligent about my blog this year – in fact, by my count I have only published one entry all year! I do sincerely apologize – and there is a reason for that…

You see, late last year I began to have a setback in my Parkinson’s journey – the infernal Dystonia (cramping toes) came back in my left foot – WITH A VENGENCE! Without going into details, I have spent the better part of this year pretty much in agony every day. That, combined with the increasing dystonia and arthritis in my left hand, has made working on my blog a much smaller priority in my life.

So much so, in fact, that I had planned on this being the last email/article I would publish – hence the Farewell… But then a strange thing happened – as I began to save and make copies of the website, I realized that I really did produce a LOT of blog posts – and, if I say so myself, most of them were pretty darn good! (An accomplishment for a grizzled old Parky Programmer!) But most important of all, I realized – and hope – that I may helped some folks out there – whether just feeling better because my corny sense of humor or the encouragement I may have given; or getting more knowledge about Parkinson’s from my articles – either way, if I have helped just ONE person, then it was worth it. That was my goal in the first place in creating this blog – to provide info and to help others. It was then, at that moment – and I will say with much emotion – that I realized I want to continue to help others on this journey we are on… and that I have more “Deep Brain Thoughts” to share!

This is where the Welcome comes in – I have decided to continue writing this blog to the best of my abilities, even with the setbacks! I have a new headset and am trying to learn how to use it to dictate my blog entries instead of having to type out everything. And I may not be able to write as many posts and as often as I did before… But I feel I can give it my best shot and try to continue inspiring others!

The negative side to this is that the current site I am using – WIX – has simply become too expensive for my tastes – in addition to the fact that to use most of their tools and widgets requires additional funds – i.e. trying to nickel and dime me for everything! There must be a less expensive but still good solution out there.

Therefore, by the end of the day this Friday November 20th, this site itself will go dark. But do not fear – I have already began working on finding a new hosting site and constructing the new ‘resurrected’ Deep Brain Thought! I have saved my client mailing list (i.e. all of YOU!) and once the site is back up on the new host platform, I will let each one of you know and then announce to the world the new “DEEP BRAIN THOUGHTS”!

So, I will be back even better than before – hopefully before the end of the year. I already have at least 10 or so ideas for new posts; and I am hoping that my doctors can help reduce this horrible dystonia so that I may be able to live in relative peace – for a while anyway.


"I believe that no matter what may happen to you, life should be lived, and lived to its fullest. Don’t just exist – have fun! Live your own life passionately; laugh long and loud and often; enjoy family and friends; and most of all, love – not just others but yourself as well. Remember, even with a chronic disease, there is NO ONE else like you!" Deep Brain Thoughts is one of my ways to help others live life with Parkinson's (PD); to give me an outlet for the things I believe in; and to show my loyal readers what inspires me in a world that sometimes seems out of control. So… sit back, relax, take your shoes off, and let's journey on.

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